Thursday, August 18, 2011


I just recalled the words from my dad,I don`t remember when did he say to me,
While we were talking about sharpness of the knife,He just told me,"The reason why Japanese knife is more sharp than others is,the Iron is softer than stainless.Softer than stainless means,stronger against tipping than other material."
I`m always thinking about what is the meaning of "To be strong"to myself,
This words become the key of my question.
To become flexible against everything is sometimes hard to notice for surroundings because that is the matter of own.
I`m start thinking that How can I hold myself and my unshakeable faith in this chaos world,
I had reached one resolution,"Become flexible"to everything.
But If I could have very flexible mind to everybody,I would torture myself against my personality.
Most important thing is,Taking the balance of the opposite pole.
We are living in the world,But nothing can happen without this.
Sun and moon, light and darkness,male and female,maximum and minimum,EVERY single thing is going on this two opposite dimension.
It is impossible to distinguish one side because When the power goes to far to one side,The collapse will be begun.
It is almost the same as the gravity in between stars.
Taking balance of gravity in both opposite dimension,This is the eternal quest of human being.
But the actual life is too short to get to know the answer,But I want to know something about it while I`m holding my actual body in this world.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


 After we were enjoying the heritage,we were heading to Sorrento.
 It seemed like local line which has many sightseers.

 There are lemon trees all around.
 Sorrento station.
 We were heading to beach.

 We dropped by the famous Pizzeria for local,

 But Naples one has better taste.

 The beach of Sorrento.It costs normally 8euros for entering but It was just 1hour remains at that time to close,so Enter fee was reduced to 5euros.

 We`ve totally enjoyed our trip each other.

 I like this kind of rough road of natural stone tile.

 He ordered mushrooms and chicken,Fresh ruccora and seafood for me.
 We want back to hostel by local train which has many grafties.

 Young guys were sleeping on the floor.Is this normal thing here??
 We got home at over 10pm,so I said good bye to my buddy next morning.
 Morning market of Naples

 I took pics at every stops of station:Rome

Then I supposed that I can come home safely,but!
I got trouble on my way home,
The train had blocked by big accident of gas explosion,every road and rail toward my destination had been closed for 3 hours.
I had been stacked in Genova for 3hours,and I got temporally bus to next station,
then when I got home,The time indicated 2am.Oh my god!!
I had completed one of my mission of my life!



Breakfast of hostel

When I got to stay in the hostel,I got in touch with people who are staying with in our room next morning.
While we were talking each other about itinerary,One guy who are coming from Austria wanted to join my trip,so,We decided to move together on that day to trip to Pompeii,
Subway is economic way to go anywhere.
Museum station.Kinda Artistic.
There are sightseeing bus everywhere.

When we got to the station,It seemed like many people was having trouble.

The train had been broken and this was a mess of the people who were waiting for next.
Towing car was coming,but they left without doing nothing.
This is Italian way.
We had nothing to do but taking photos!
Anyways,Next car was coming,then we got to Pompeii station.
There are many souvenir shop and restaurant,but too expensive for us,
We`ve got through them.
Now we got the ancient city,Pompeii.
We could smell of life still over 2000 years had past in this city.

 The palace 

 It was a dog,maybe.
 It seems like that the emotion at that moment had been packed in this statue.
I felt sad.

 Modern Cafeteria.I felt little strange. 

A public bathroom 
 Tiny job of tile

 Public bath fountain

It seems like this was a bakery shop. 
The atmosphere are still remaining. 

Water point 

Paintings are still remaining without fading colors.